Rebecca Coleman, Author

Heaven Should Fall
As Jill discovers, home is no less a battlefield than the one Elias left behind.
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A few facts about Heaven Should Fall...

~ To write the book I had to do so many Google searches about terrorist techniques, anti-government organizations, ways to create explosives, and ways to hide illegal activity that I was sincerely afraid I would end up on an FBI watchlist. (Still can't guarantee I'm not.)

~ The beagles in the novel, Thunder and Lightning, are my actual dogs. I trust them not to sue me.

~Frasier, New Hampshire-- the Olmsteads' imaginary hometown-- is loosely based on the town of Jefferson in the same state. I have been to Jefferson twice and, as a DC native, was amazed by its remoteness.

~ The most frequent question I get about the book is whether the way Elias's PTSD is treated by the VA hospital is realistic. Unfortunately, it is. While writing and researching, I became passionate about the need to raise awareness about this issue and the struggles of many veterans.