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Welcome to the homepage of Rebecca Coleman, Author.
"Coleman writes with a flair for capturing the underbelly of the human psyche and the all-consuming nature of desire." -BookPage

Welcome to my website! Whether you are new to my novels or have been with me from the (top-secret!) beginning, I'm glad you're here. On these pages you'll find out the inside story of each book, the things that inspire me, the places I go to meet my readers, and what I'm working on right now. 

To begin, here are a few pieces of trivia about me:

1. I have lived or stayed in the major settings of all of my novels, except prison. So far.

2. I have been a 'debut author' three times. Yes, it's kind of like being a born-again virgin. I wouldn't mind a fourth round. 

3. Although my books have received many excellent reviews from critics and readers alike, my very favorite is this one from Kim on Goodreads: "It was one of those books that kept you turning pages, made you think, and at the same time made you wanna throw the book across the room and burn it, then drown it in the ocean." 

Click around to find out more about me and my novels... and don't forget to click "Email Me" to tell me more about you, too.


Readers are my favorite.
Unless the gnomes make it disappear, I always write back.